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Bedford Energy designs, develops, and installs fully integrated solar panel solutions and battery-powered systems for residential, commercial, religious, educational, and medical establishments.


As an affiliate of the real estate development firm, The Bedford Group of Companies, we are well equipped with the in-house capabilities to seamlessly provide energy efficient retrofitting and construction services to existing and newly constructed buildings.


Whether you own a home, business, church, or medical facility, Bedford Energy is dedicated to helping you reduce your electricity bill, protect you from rising electricity prices, increase your property values, and become a clean energy consumer and renewable energy advocate.

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Residential Properties

Investing in solar energy is one of the best decisions a homeowner will ever make.


Not only will it help you take control of your electricity costs, but combined with a backup battery storage, it will also insulate you from being inconvenienced by

any future power outages. 

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Churches & Educational Institutions

One of the main reasons why churches and educational facilities like schools, colleges, and universities should consider using solar power is to save money on their lighting, heating, cooling, and electricity bills.


Insulating your organizations from rising utility prices will not only improve your bottom line, but it will also help to ensure that you can continue to uplift and educate the next generation for years to come.

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Office & Retail Buildings

Whether its rooftop solar, ground mount solar, a solar carport, or a long span canopy system, businesses of all sizes can benefit from installing clean and energy efficient solar systems.


Not only will it improve your overall bottom line, but it will also protect your business against the inevitable volatility of high utility and electricity bills.

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Hospitals & Medical Facilities

In today’s pandemic climate, the reliability of energy for healthcare facilities is more important than ever.


Whether it is a hospital, urgent care clinic, nursing home, or owner-operated medical practice, retrofitting your existing healthcare facility for greater efficiency will ensure the delivery of critical power, heat, and water- when the electricity company’s grid is down or compromised.



At Bedford Energy, we are dedicated to providing high performance solar-powered energy solutions. Our mission is to reduce the barriers to energy efficiency by accomplishing three main objectives: optimize our customer’s investment, operational capacity, and clean energy consumption.

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